Pygmy Bucks

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Our Bucks

The boys come outside to see if the girls are out!


GVS Pygmies TobyMac

PGCH GVS Pygmies Carbon Copy X MCH PGCH GVS Pygmies Twinkle Twinkle


 GVS Pygmies Caleb

Dinsmmore Farms Castiel X GVS Pygmies Starshine




Woodclyf Bronn

( Polk Springs Wendall X Burntwood Farms Hallie)




 Woodclyf Drake

Polk Springs Marius X Woodclyf Daphne



Old Orchard Weston

Echo Springs Ellis X PGCH Old Orchard Wish

Weston was reserve Junior Champion from the 3 to 6 month class his first two shows!

Thank you Sarah Read for this lovely boy! 


Woodclyf Crockett

Polk Springs Marius x Woodclyf Scout