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Welcome !

Woodclyf is two small farms located in northwestern Ohio.  In 2006 sisters, Sharon Irving and Lynne Sanders began breeding Pygmy Goats, and sister Barbara Snyder has joined in the venture.

The mission at Woodclyf is to breed Pygmy Goats which comply with the standard of the National Pygmy Goat Association. 


The Pygmy Goat is a hardy, friendly, docile goat.  They are a sociable pet, can produce milk or act as an effective browser.  Goats are herd animas and are happier with another goat as a companion.


The "Sistas" are all three members of the National Pygmy Goat Association and the Ohio Pygmy Goat Association.  You can also find us at Pygmy Goat shows in and around Ohio.  


Enjoy the informtion and photos on this website.  We have included reference photos and information for goats that are included in our pedigrees. 


You can contact Sharon or Lynne at the email addresses shown below: